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Sponsorship application

The Marine Foundation just celebrated the 10yr anniversary as a registered Non-Profit based in Tokyo. The foundation was founded by Tomeo Gressard the foundations Chairman. His vision is to protect and empower women, protect and educate children, and to heal the planet through sustainable innovations. The Marine Foundation is a platform that has created a global network to bring awareness to all these areas. To ensure fund raising is going to the intended cause not just a tiny percentage. We have created a platform to help these philanthropic heart movements achieve their goals, our goals all around the world.


Elida Calero, Associate Chairman for the Marine Foundation, was invited by a member of The First 10 Forward organization to participate in their annual event to award a grant to a Non-Profit organization assisting women who are looking to enter non-traditional industries. First 10 Forward was founded by the alumni of the first 10 female maritime graduating classes in the US. They want to pay forward their good fortune and contribute to the increase of the female presence in these industries. 


Recognizing the amazing efforts of Luba Sakharuk in this area of expertise and heart, the Marine Foundation has selected RALM3 to put forward as their selection to be nominated for the grant.  This grant will allow several worthy women an incredible opportunity to start or grow their career in Tech. Those who are truly motivated, excited, do not have the financial means to pursue their career and willing to put the work into their futures will be selected. This is the opportunity to create your future, the future you have been dreaming of!


Take this moment to sit and visualize what you want and how this opportunity will be a catalyst to get you there. Then fill out the application below and take the first step towards your new career path. We are looking forward to receiving your application and making dreams come true!



sponsorship application

Application Deadline is May 23, 2023. The winner will be announced by the end of July. 
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