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February 2022!!!


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  • "Create your Journey" Life Worth Living Workshop (live, remote, 3h)
  • "Create your Journey" Life Worth Living Course (self paced online)
  • "Create your Journey" Life Worth Living Program (8 weeks)
OUTCOME: By the end of each session listed above, you will have one main artifact, Your own Journey Plan. You will have a list of action items, with target dates and a way to be accountable to get them done. Your own Journey Plan to a "Life Worth Living" will be broken down into small achievable concrete chunks. You will have bi-weekly milestones and a clear vision of what YOUR "Life Worth Living" Looks like.


If you have any questions or would like to bring the workshop or the program to your company, please send email to
About the workshop

This highly interactive workshop is based on a recently published book "Life Worth Living",  which focuses on people’s mindset, their outlook on life and their journey of becoming less judgmental, more confident, more compassionate and MORE RESILIENT humans.


This workshop  would encourage them to count their blessings, bring more kindness into this world and find courage to take on tasks they didn't think they could. It will help them organize their thoughts and come up with some specific actions to move the needle on their personal transformation! In could be career related or personal life. It includes pre-reading material and a homework assignment.


Upon completion of this workshop, you will,

1. Learn a new framework which helps to see challenging situations from different perspectives

2. Self reflect on your own challenges and brainstorm what you could potentially do about it

3. Come up with specific actions to focus on and break them down into small achievable chunks that would fit within 2-weeks.

4. Select a way to track your accomplishments and a way to be accountable to get them done.

5. Have an opportunity for a 1:1, 30 min follow up coaching session with the facilitator within 30 days of the workshop